Matrix Gemini LIMS Frequency Testing Helps Reduce The Costs Of Quality Testing

The Frequency (or Selective) Testing Module for the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) further enhances the versatility of the LIMS. It allows the definition of flexible testing regimes for samples and batches of samples to provide users with time and cost saving benefits during testing.

Frequency, periodic or skip lot testing is a sampling technique that saves time and money by reducing the number of tests carried out for some samples. It is generally used when there is an established history of item quality or the items come from a trusted supplier.  However, it also provides for more rigorous testing of new products, as well as products from new suppliers and allows for increased future testing if a   batch fails its specification.

The Matrix Gemini Frequency Testing Module can be easily set up using standard settings in the Substance Maintenance screen. It is possible to specify the testing frequency for each test on a substance or product e.g. perform all test(s) every ‘n’ samples registered. The system can also ensure that the first ‘n’ samples of a new substance or product undergo full testing before reduced testing begins.

Full testing can automatically be allocated if a specified time period has elapsed since the last sample of a particular substance or product was tested, or if the test results for the current batch exceed the specified limits.

Matrix Gemini’s built-in configuration tools allow a LIMS to be configured for individual laboratories in a host of industries and frequency testing can be applied to any testing regime from raw materials through to final packaging. The requirements for frequency testing will vary from industry to industry and from product to product and the Frequency Testing Module provides the flexibility to meet such varied demands.