METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX Software Enhances Manufacturing Processes

Solid oxide fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert the chemical energy present in a gaseous fuel to electrical power in a highly efficient process. To fuel its own generation process and ensure optimum product performance, Italy-based solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer SOLIDpower turned to METTLER TOLEDO.

SOLIDpower’s manufacturing process involves applying anode and cathode layers to a central electrolyte layer using a proprietary metallic spray, then heat-treating the result. A final layer is “screen printed” onto the cell to provide electrical contact between cells. When run, charged oxygen atoms in the air at the anode travel uni-directionally across the electrolyte to react with hydrogen in the fuel gas creating water and free electrons. Stacks of these cells generating free electrons as usable power can produce a unit that operates everyday applications.

To ensure optimum performance, in-process fuel cells are weighed before and after application of each layer of metallic spray to quantify the addition of the correct material amount. In doing so, calculations were being performed and recorded by hand, leaving room for error.

Today, a METTLER TOLEDO precision balance combined with LabX® laboratory software is automatically recording the before-and-after weight values against unique sample IDs. All calculations are performed and results recorded automatically, eliminating manual transcription and assuring traceability.

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to be enabling SOLIDpower’s vision of reducing global emissions and other harmful particulates by use of its innovative fuel cells. 
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