New Web Portal For Matrix Gemini LIMS

New Web Portal For Matrix Gemini LIMS 


Autoscribe Informatics has announced the availability of a web portal for the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). This allows third parties who do not use Matrix Gemini directly, but have a legitimate need to access relevant data, to be able to view and download reports and metrics produced in Matrix Gemini.




This integrated web portal will be of particular interest to contract laboratories and multi-site organisations, to allow customers and remote personnel access to appropriate data from anywhere there is an internet connection. Results, reports (such as Certificate of Analysis documents) and other relevant data can be made available to a third party through a web browser, using a unique password protected login. The web portal allows users to view data specific to them only.


The web portal facility features a web portal manager which allows a Matrix Gemini user to set up (and remove) unlimited numbers of web portal users, with user names and passwords and make sure they can only view their own test data. The web portal manager also allows customisation of the appearance of the web portal to ensure it is in line with the branding of the host laboratory. The web portal uses secure communications mechanisms to ensure that user credentials and data remain secure when transmitted over a network.


Test data displayed locally can be exported to an Excel compatible file. PDF documents such as previously generated reports can also be viewed and downloaded locally.