Precision nutrition: Maintaining scientific integrity while realizing market potential

In this 2022 article published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, Berciano et al. discuss the topic of precision or personalized nutrition (PN) in the context of needing advancements in analytical and data management technologies in order to reach its full potential. After a brief introduction and discussion of the concept of PN, the authors examine the role of big data and data analysis in PN, particularly in regards to developing and optimizing personalized nutrition products and services. They then couch PN in terms of it having the potential to be “the future of healthcare,” addressing topics such as phenotyping, metabolic methods, environmental factors, and the role of money and medical service insurers. After compiling a set of best practices and standards in PN and addressing the need for advocacy efforts towards PN, the authors conclude that while “PN should have an impact on both personal and public health … [a]dvancing the science and the adoption of PN will require a significant investment in multidisciplinary collaborations that translate the fast-moving technological advances in omics, sensors, AI, and big data management and analytics into powerful and user-friendly tools.”

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