Recent advances in electrochemical sensor technologies for THC detection—A narrative review

As the analytical landscape for laboratory measurement of cannabinoids in a variety of matrices continues to evolve and standardize, the demand for more rapid yet accurate point-of-testing solutions for cannabinoids continues to grow. This demand comes from not only the cannabis cultivator but also the law enforcement community. One potential path to meet demand is the electrochemical sensor, as suggested by Amini et al. In this 2022 paper, the authors briefly describe the demand issue and how electrochemical sensors have been applied by other researchers. They then focus in on sensors for oral fluid specimens and how they have been successfully applied. The authors conclude that this technology has potential for “roadside drug testing, cannabis product quality control, and cannabis crop evaluation,” but not without challenges to proper implementation, including “nonspecific interaction and the interference of compounds and species from the heavy plant matrix or oral fluids.”

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