SLIMS 6.1 is released !

Genohm has just released version 6.1 of SLIMS, its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) + Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) solution.

Driven to provide the best possible experience for end users by looking beyond state-of-the-art technologies, SLIMS is continuously improved to meet the demanding needs of the most ambitious labs in the world.

With the release of SLIMS 6.1 comes a bunch of new features


SLIMS 6.1 includes a Dashboard module allowing different visualizations to be displayed on the same screen. Grids, Macros, Flows, Graphs, Rich Text, SLIMS Gate widgets can be configured in a column layout edited and saved by administrators. Customize your very own widgets and set up your perfect dashboard!

Precise and convenient timing

 SLIMS 6.1 is introducing a complete server-side timer that can be used in any experiment. Complete other tasks while the timer counts for you, and receive a SLIMS browser notification when the timer expires. SLIMS timers are user-friendly and visually appealing so they are even easier to use than their physical counterpart.

Add your own Custom Icons

Every aspect of SLIMS is built to be fully customizable to fit the needs of your lab. That goes for anything you need to manage in SLIMS, from hazardous ingredients to your favorite compound microscope.  Starting now you can upload your own favorite icons for any content, instrument, location, macro, etc.

Share and browse setup

SLIMS 6.1 comes with a full access to the SLIMS Store and SLIMS Share, allowing you to explore existing configurations and protocols, and share your own with other labs in your institution or beyond.

Browse the SLIMS Store to easily fit your SLIMS instance to your personal needs. Content types, protocols, workflows, preconfigured roles, etc… Build a working instance in just a few minutes with the SLIMS Store.

And many more!

Many other improvements have been added to SLIMS.

  • Easier and faster navigation between modules using browser previous/next actions.
  • Workflows now allow users to search by project and to assign samples to a specific user.
  • Preconfigure blocks in the simplified ELN with no predefined type so users can change them dynamically in an experiment.
  • Pre-Barcoded tubes are now supported.
  • Link to Location are now available.
  • SLIMS GATE flows can now be used in dynamic protocols.
  • Improved overall user experience.
  • Complete redesign of the print layout for SLIMS grids.
  • Studies have been improved with new tabs for better visibility and easier access.

Find attached the SLIMS 6.1 Highlights document listing all the new features coming in the next SLIMS release.

Be ready for SLIMS 6.1 and its bundle of new features!