Sparta Releases Stratas 3.0 and TrackWise Intake

HAMILTON, N.J. – April 04, 2017 –  Sparta Systems today announced the release of Stratas 3.0 featuring TrackWise Intake.  The new capability is a web interface powered by Stratas 3.0 that enables a company to collect potential quality or compliance issues anywhere at any time from non-TrackWise users.

TrackWise Intake leverages the Stratas platform to extend the reach of TrackWise through a web-based form that can be used to submit any type of quality events by those who don’t normally access a company’s quality management system (QMS). Companies have been searching for a means to effectively capture the information needed to investigate issues that would otherwise go unreported.  The new capability empowers employees to contribute to company-wide quality initiatives while fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency.  It also supports the shift towards an automated, all-digital approach to quality management processes.

Stratas is a rapidly deployable QMS software platform that helps companies create, track, manage, and report on quality-related activities without the need to manage IT infrastructure.  Stratas also enables companies to collaborate with suppliers on quality issues and provides full visibility throughout the supply chain.  Additionally, suppliers and other partners can interact directly, leading to greater transparency, reduced risk, and improved control throughout the global supply chain.

In addition to powering the TrackWise Intake feature, the Stratas 3.0 release expands administrator functionality, allowing greater control of user access and assignments throughout quality processes. It also adds new quality event workflows for partner-related activities, optimized for industry best practices.

“As the Quality Business Network expands into a truly global ecosystem, it is incredibly important that all stakeholders create their own company culture of quality,” said Eileen Martinson of Sparta Systems. “The TrackWise Intake feature introduced alongside this Stratas 3.0 release will help organizations accomplish this goal by giving employees the power to easily take action and report potential issues, regardless of their role.”
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About Sparta Systems
Sparta Systems, an industry pioneer and global leading provider of enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solutions, enables businesses to safely and efficiently deliver their products to market.  Its TrackWise EQMS, a trusted standard among highly regulated industries, is used by quality, manufacturing and regulatory affairs professionals to manage compliance, reduce risk and improve safety across the global enterprise. Headquartered in Hamilton, N.J. and with locations across Europe and Asia, Sparta Systems maintains an extensive install base in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical device, electronics manufacturing and consumer products markets. Read more about Sparta Systems and TrackWise software on the corporate website or blog