Speakers for NEMC (August 2017)

Speakers for NEMC (August 2017)

Please see the below description of the LIMS session at NEMC (www.nemc.us) next year.  I am actively looking for a few speakers to fill a couple of open slots.

LIMS in the Modern Laboratory


Session Chair:  Robert Benz, Sales & Marketing Director at Khemia Software (www.khemia.com)


In today’s laboratory, the LIMS is playing an ever more critical role in centralizing and making available all data.  LIMS are called on to help laboratories adhere to stricter quality control, handle more one-off projects, work with more third party programs and produce more advanced reports while maintaining stringent IT protocol.  In this session, talks may include discussion on APIs, advanced reporting modules both internal and external, SaaS agreements versus internally housed LIMS, one-off applications, internal quality control “modules”, etc.      


If you have any interest in speaking at NEMC’s LIMS session next year, please submit a talk to the NEMC website or feel free to contact me directly at rbenz@khemia.com.  The cutoff for abstract submittal is January 31st, 2017.