STARLIMS Improved Workflow Sample Testing and Laboratory Operations with New Life Scienses 11.4 and LES 1.4 Releases

STARLIMS Corporation is pleased to announce the releases of Life Sciences (LS) 11.4 and Laboratory Execution System (LES) 1.4. The two releases will deliver more powerful configuration capabilities for sample testing and integrated functionalities that extend laboratory testing to the bench and beyond.

Enhancements to LS 11.4 Improve Lab Productivity, Operations, and Sample Processing

As the volume of patient samples increases, testing becomes more complex, and staffing and resource constraints impact productivity, improving clinical laboratory operations has never been more critical. New features to LS 11.4 will help to streamline operations, manage sample testing, and increase productivity in the lab.

LS 11.4 will offer new configuration capabilities in the Workflow Engine that support the creation of multiple step outputs from a single step input. With added parameters, users can now adapt workflows to a wider range of situations. This added configuration delivers the flexibility to change complex workflows and steps in a sample journey quickly and efficiently.

With enhancements to the Sample Reception Module, users can easily manage reception and processing of clinical, clinical trial, and biorepository sample shipments into STARLIMS. The module will provide better visibility and control of the lab by allowing the user to quickly receive shipments of samples through the API or by eManifest file uploads. The user can also edit shipment sample details, correct errors, report missing samples, and process and route samples to their respective workflows. Also new to LS 11.4 is a built-in tool for importing static configuration data that will deliver faster time-to-value. Users will be able to speed data configuration and initial system setup with the ability to import static data from CSV or Excel files. Additionally, the record pagination mechanism has been standardized for a better user experience and improved performance.

“Our goal is to deliver quality solutions that help our customers quickly, accurately, and safely test and manage patient samples,” said Global Product Group Manager, Patrice Bilesimo. “We’re excited to introduce new, advanced configuration capabilities with an improved Workflow Engine, and a fully integrated experience that extends the LIMS to the bench with our user-friendly LES.”

LES 1.4 and LS 11.4 Integration Extends Lab Mobility to the Bench, and Beyond

The integration of LES 1.4 with LS 11.4 is a key differentiator for labs looking to increase mobility and process samples faster. LES’ intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen interface acts as an extension of the lab by allowing users to execute functions at the bench and beyond. LES also enables better compliance with automated data capture from any instrument and step-by-step execution of workflow sequences right on the mobile touchscreen.

LES 1.4 Delivers New Product Features

Additionally, enhancements have also been made specifically to the LES solution. Users will see improved calculations, new reviewing functionalities, and event-based approvals for better overall performance.