STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Releases QM2014.R1

Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the release of QM2014.R1 STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing product. This product release includes a number of enhancements:
  • Technology Release v11.0.25.4
  • New Formulation Development Application – customers can build unique recipes and create batches to test the recipes. In addition, the batches can be scheduled for stability testing. This application is designed with an experimental approach model that does not interact with standard product manufacturing runs.
  • Chromeleon CDS interface
  • Support for Global Harmonization System (GHS) Labeling – a new labelling format has been added to support GHS labelling.
  • Support for ANSI Sampling Rules – functionality has been added to help customers determine ANSI inspection criteria based on sample, size, code and AQLs based on ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008
  • Investigative Microbiology Application – new Investigative Microbiology application that allows customers to create complex decision trees when analyzing unknown samples to determine the identification of the agent.
  • Enhanced Plate Management – a number of enhancements have been made on QM plate interface and workflow.
  • Ad Hoc multi-specification checking – In the previous version of QM, when viewing sample results, customers were able to evaluate testing results against a primary specification and an unlimited number of secondary. In this version of QM, this functionality has been extended to allow customers to query samples and match against specifications on an ad hoc basis to compare specification results.
STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing product is designed to promote efficiency and compliance for customers in their manufacturing quality control laboratories. The STARLIMS QM product is used by over 500 customers and 10,000 users worldwide.