Thursday 15th December 2016: ‘Out Of The Box’ LIMS Webinar

‘Out Of The Box’ LIMS Webinar Thursday 15th December 2016


Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) specialist, Autoscribe Informatics, is running an interactive webinar that discusses all aspects of “out-of-the-box” (OOTB) LIMS. The webinar will take place on Thursday 15th December at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time, 11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 4 PM Greenwich Mean Time and 5 PM Central European Time. Registration is now open at:


With the promise of instant success, an OOTB solution seems to be the perfect choice for busy laboratories needing a new LIMS, but how effective is this apparently simple approach? This webinar will provide insight into the different types of LIMS solutions available and the claims that vendors make about them. It will be of interest to anyone thinking about replacing their LIMS or buying one for the first time. 


Many vendors offer OOTB LIMS solutions that are claimed to be suitable for a wide range of industries but it is important to understand exactly what the OOTB offering means, what limitations exist and how they can be overcome. The webinar will cover topics such as:


  • Types of pre-configured OOTB solutions 
  • How an OOTB LIMS can be even further configured to meet exact needs
  • The simplicity of OOTB validation
  • Maintaining viable maintenance and upgrade paths 


The event will include real time interactive surveys so that attendees will be able to get a snapshot of the views and particular needs of other members of the audience.