Today grit42 releases version 2.0 of their pre-clinical drug discovery software platform

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, October 10, 2017 / — After launching the company in 2014 and getting multiple customers on their original platform, grit42 has spent the past year revamping their platform with more features, multiple new apps, as well as a fresh modern user interface developed through numerous user tests together with user experience experts.

Unlike competing software solutions, grit42 does not have a specific outset in either Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN), Laboratory Informations Management Systems (LIMS), or Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS). Instead they spent vast resources doing anthropological observations in the labs of customers to understand the actual workflows and how to support those, rather than trying to have scientists adapt to the workflows of the software.

“We see that a large number of pharma and biotech companies leave most of the data processing to manually curated spreadsheets. Setups similar to this makes the resulting workflows inherently inefficient and rarely makes for happy scientists who feel they’re putting their education and intellectual capacity to good use. We made it our mission to understand what our customers actually do and fix those broken workflows by helping them dispose of the infinite copy/paste between spreadsheets and applications. Furthermore we facilitate new analyses and easy comparisons of new experiments against old datasets, to name a few of the many new features in version 2.0.” states Claus Stie Kallesøe, CEO and co-founder of grit42.

To ensure the user experience (UX) on grit42’s platform meets current best practices, a Copenhagen based UX expert, Ingrid Haug, was engaged. Ingrid Haug has previously worked on similar UX projects with LEGO, eBay, and Unity to name a select few clients.

“It was an interesting challenge to work with grit42 on their platform. It’s a very data intensive domain with many expert users and thus requires corresponding attention to how you ideally visualise all the data, making the user experience as smooth as possible. Through feedback from numerous user tests, we ultimately decided how to interface with all the different analysis tools and raw as well as processed data” states UX Designer and founder of Usable Machine, Ingrid Haug, and continues, “One thing that really stood out in this project, was the extremely deep knowledge the grit42 developers have of this domain. To me this project definitely shows that deep domain expertise combined with user experience makes for the perfect foundation to build scientific software.”

Copenhagen-based grit42 focuses on research and lab informatics software for pre-clinical drug discovery. The grit42 platform has been developed for data management, analysis, and visualisation within pre-clinical drug discovery, ranging from basic ideas, to in vitro and in vivo experiments, while keeping track of compounds, data, and results. Read more at