Unprecedented Access to a Novel Drug Discovery Platform

The concept behind the Strateos SmartLab Platform is to serve as a vehicle to propel drug discovery innovations to new heights of speed and efficiency to get life-saving medicines to patients faster.

Author:  Marc Siladi

Earlier this year we launched our remote access drug discovery platform geared towards organizations looking to generate high throughput screening (HTS) data quickly without the need to build their own infrastructure or contend with extended wait times and lack of data transparency associated with conventional CRO outsourcing models.

As a preferred screening service provider to several large pharma companies, we generate clean machine actionable data. Our platform has a turnaround time of as little as two weeks to screen over a million compounds, much faster than with traditional outsourcing options.

In addition to our HTS capabilities, we are excited to announce the launch of the integrated small molecule discovery workflows for hit id, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization studies. This process can be long, complex and challenging, but leveraging Strateos’ comprehensive platform and workflow support enables our clients to navigate with ease and speed. Our sophisticated fleet of remote access robotics, automated high-throughput instrumentation and analysis software can deliver quality hits that quickly progress to lead candidates for agile, high fidelity drug discovery.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated approach to early drug discovery
  • Able to support customer libraries or use ours
  • Expertise in automation and high throughput assay development
  • Continuous adoption of new technologies to expedite the quality and speed of assay execution
  • Integrative hit ID, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization workflows

Customer Onboarding & Assay Development

Our highly experienced team provides project support and insight to help execute every stage of the drug discovery continuum from bioassay development to design, and implementation guidance.

Miniaturization & Automation

Assay miniaturization and automated laboratory platforms reduces COGS and increases the number of compounds (up to 100,000 compounds per day) that can be screened for rapid exploration of large chemical spaces.

HTS Campaign

Screen for hit compounds with our libraries, or bring your own libraries and remotely access a comprehensive range of HTS screening technologies includes fluorescence intensity, FRET, luminescence, BRET, absorbance, fluorescence polarization, TR-FRET, time-resolved fluorescence, AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, qPCR, mass spectrometry assays and more.

Platform flexibility and continuous improvements allows us to anticipate and meet our client’s diverse needs. Our virtual infrastructure and user-friendly interfaces provide real-time data and metadata transparency to quickly assemble high quality datasets required for hit identification with our data analysis software packages.

Hit Confirmation & Characterization

Our wide range of secondary and orthogonal assays facilities high-quality hit-to-lead conversion to accelerate drug discovery pipelines.

Hit to Lead

Comprehensive hit-to-lead biological profiling capabilities including standard HTS follow-up assays (i.e., DRC, IC50, EC50 assays) and/or tailored in vitro assay panels are available for rapid selection of promising preclinical lead candidates.

Lead Optimization

Leverage our automated and integrated MedChem capabilities to accelerate lead compound synthesis with minimal hands-on time and decrease the design-make-test cycle for lead optimization efforts.

Our goal is to help our clients find the strongest candidates possible during drug discovery. To learn more about these exciting new inclusive services please read our HTS case study and reach out to our sales team for more information- www.strateos.com