September 20, 2023 - 2:00 PM

Webinar: Getting Management Buy-in for Your Next Informatics Project (Panel Discussion)

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Event Organizer: CSols, Inc.

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“Tight budgets and lean labs mean that aspirational lab informatics projects are a tough sell to management. Even if you secure the funding, who will do the work? Let our panel of experts give you the talking points you need to make the case. Whether it’s making quick changes to deliver immediate efficiency gains or planning the restructuring of your data to align with FAIR principles, this panel discussion will bring you the insights you need to convince management that improving your organization’s approach to data within the laboratory and beyond will be cost effective.

In one hour, hear the various lines of reasoning that will sway management’s decision in your favor, based on many of the scenarios in which you might find yourself right now. Our panel of experts will discuss the institutional roadblocks commonly presented by upper management and how to overcome them. Talking points to persuade management to undertake the project sooner rather than later will be introduced. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your own questions about your specific situation, too.”

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