April 28, 2023 - 10:00 AM

Webinar: How to overcome hurdles in molecular diagnostics

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Event Organizer: Labroots

Event Website: https://www.labroots.com/webinar/overcome-hurdles-molecular-diagnostics

Event Overview:

“Biotechnology has spurred countless innovations in medicine, ultimately improving patient outcomes through enhanced understanding of pathogenic mechanisms, better diagnostic assays, and more effective therapeutic interventions. These improvements are continuously shaping the way modern medicine is practiced, and constantly forcing medical scientists and practitioners to develop new diagnostic assays and treatment regimens. To this end, many clinically focused research laboratories have implemented strategies to better address current deficiencies in diagnostic testing through the development, optimization, and eventual validation and use of diagnostic tests.

In this webinar, we will discover how to overcome hurdles in developing molecular diagnostics (MDx) assays.”

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