June 21, 2023 - 2:00 PM

Webinar: Top 5 Underused STARLIMS Modules

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Event Organizer: CSols, Inc.

Event Website: https://www.csolsinc.com/insights/webinars/top-5-underused-starlims-modules/

Event Overview:

“Since your organization installed STARLIMS, your lab informatics situation has been good…but it can be better! STARLIMS has a number of add-on modules that can make significant improvements to your workflows. In this webinar we will show you some of the most underused modules that will boost productivity, enhance automation, and centralize your data.

In one hour, learn about five specific modules that our consultants love for their ability to streamline your lab’s day-to-day workflows, including inventory management and the real-world view for environmental monitoring. Join our STARLIMS expert as he explores modules that can quickly boost your productivity and improve efficiencies.”

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