March 19, 2024 - 6:00 AM

Workshop: Making better data-based decisions with statistical modelling techniques – Day 1 – Faster predictive modeling

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Event Organizer: Chemistry World

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Event Overview:

This is Day 1 of the workshop. “Build better and more useful models with modern predictive modelling techniques, such as regression, neural networks, and decision trees.

This session will include:

• Understanding predictive modelling
– Differentiating predictive modelling from statistical inference
– Examining predictive modelling goals and data types

• Case study and tools for predictive modelling
– Exploring JMP’s capabilities in model screening and data cleaning
– Analysing various model types for predictive applications

• Honest assessment in modelling
– Addressing bias and variance in predictions
– Managing model complexity and fit

• Practical applications
– Demonstrating the use of predictive models in real-world scenarios”

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