World-leading Biotech Company Selects STARLIMS for $4M Project

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., March 4, 2009 — STARLIMS Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:LIMS), a leading provider of laboratory information management systems, or LIMS, today announced that it has been selected by a world-leading biotechnology company for a multi-site project. The contract value is approximately $4 million, which includes licenses for the Company’s web-based STARLIMS® software, initial consulting and professional services and first-year maintenance.

Integrated Solution for LIMS, SDMS, ELN

STARLIMS’s award-winning, web-based LIMS will replace the first-generation LIMS currently in use in the customer’s laboratories. The STARLIMS solution, which will be implemented at the customer’s quality assurance/quality control laboratories in the United States, Europe and Asia, will also provide scientific data management (SDMS) capabilities and electronic laboratory notebook functionality (ELN).

The customer plans to leverage STARLIMS’s web-based capabilities and integrated laboratory informatics functionalities to reduce the number of interfaces it needs, reduce maintenance overheads, and facilitate process harmonization. All authorized users will access the same central STARLIMS system via the web, enabling the customer to create an environment where laboratory processes are standardized across geographically dispersed sites.

From First-Generation LIMS to Global Harmonization

“In planning to replace their first-generation LIMS, the customer took the opportunity to modernize its laboratory informatics portfolio. They realized that STARLIMS’s integrated web-based platform could simplify implementation, validation and maintenance, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. Another important consideration was STARLIMS’s expertise in planning and implementing multi-site projects. The STARLIMS Strategic Informatics Consulting unit, formed last year following our acquisition of Laboratory Expertise Center (LEC), offers the project planning, management and support required to ensure the success of such complex projects,” said Jeff Ferguson, chief operating officer at STARLIMS. “This is a vote of confidence in our product and vision, from one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. With many companies actively reviewing the future of their legacy and first-generation LIMS, this decision reaffirms the suitability of our products and services for such projects.”

First Major Implementation of STARLIMS Electronic Notebook

This project will be the first major implementation of STARLIMS Electronic Notebook, a software solution designed to replace paper notebooks, which are still in widespread use in quality assurance and quality control laboratories. The STARLIMS Electronic Notebook is designed to map and digitally enforce processes defined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), ensuring that the most current SOPs are adhered to at all times and providing the process traceability needed in regulated industries.

Another Step in Long-Range Vision: Unified Lab Informatics Platform over the Web

Ferguson added, “STARLIMS’s vision is to integrate the information a laboratory creates into a single web-based platform, while providing the means to manage a wide range of laboratory processes and workflows. Following this strategy, we launched the industry’s first entirely web-based LIMS in 2006, and are regularly adding strategic capabilities to that powerful web-based platform. In early 2008, the Company released STARLIMS SDMS, an integrated Scientific Data Management System solution capable of managing unstructured data together with structured (LIMS) data. Leveraging these two technologies, the Company developed STARLIMS Electronic Notebook, another step toward enabling the management of all laboratory data on a single unified platform.”


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