June 14, 2004 - Practical Pharmaceutical Laboratory Automation

A step-by-step, how-to reference and guide, Practical Pharmaceutical Laboratory Automation explores the processes needed to automate the majority of tasks required in research today.

June 8, 2004 - Small & Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems

Presenting a comprehensive design of alternative collection systems, both conventional and innovative, for the treatment and disposal or reuse of treated effluent, this text focuses on decentralized systems and smaller plants (less than 5 Mgal/d)

June 8, 2004 - Standard Methods for Examination of Water & Wastewater

Now in its 20th edition, this text presents significant improvements of methodology and enlarged its scope to include techniques suitable for examination of many types of samples encountered in the assessment and control of water quality and water pollution.

May 26, 2004 - Instrument-LIMS Integration Technologies

It is important to understand that in most real-world situations, instrument integration is much more than mere connectivity.

May 16, 2004 - CSols Instrument Interfacing — Configurable Calculations and Corrections

Today instrument interfaces are deployed in numerous laboratories and application areas. They are capable of operating with any instrument, CDS or LIMS.

May 16, 2004 - Palomar Pomerado Health – Going for Gold, One Technology at a Time

How one California health care organizations is using Lucidoc software to improve patient care and management of compliance-related activities. This is a first of its kind, breakthrough technology designed in partnership with NASA’s JPL Laboratory.

May 13, 2004 - Time to Replace Your LIMS?

Companies are opting to replace their existing legacy systems with leading Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) LIMS solutions. Replacement drivers include: loss of key personnel, vendor refocus on other industries and high maintenance costs. STARLIMS has a record for straightforward conversions of legacy knowledge and information systems.

May 11, 2004 - Crime Laboratory Management

First book to address the operational, administrative, and political issues involved in managing a forensic laboratory. Guide laboratory professionals, regardless of their management experience, through essential tasks ranging from hiring and training of staff to resource management and public relations.

May 11, 2004 - Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques

First introductory text to present forensic science in its broadest sense, encompassing classic criminalistics and beyond. Offers a cutting-edge presentation of criminalistics and related laboratory subjects. Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques offers a clear, comprehensive overview that reveals the breadth and richness of the forensic sciences to students entering the field and practitioners who need to collaborate outside their disciplines.

May 5, 2004 - Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists [MAAFS]


May 5, 2004 - SAFS – Southern Association of Forensic Scientists


April 30, 2004 - Instrument Integration in Pharmaceutical QA Laboratories Is it worth it?

  LIMSfinder > Picture1″ hspace=0 src=”http://w3markets.smugmug.com/photos/3838107-M.jpg” width=198 border=0>   LIMSfinder > Picture2″ hspace=0 src=”http://w3markets.smugmug.com/photos/3838106-M-1.jpg” width=424 border=0>      Instrument Integration in Pharmaceutical QA Laboratories Is it worth it?     The General Picture   Pharmaceutical companies are under relentless pressure to bring more drugs to market, more quickly, at a lower cost.  Thereafter, once a […]

April 27, 2004 - University of York MRes in Bioinformatics

This course provides graduate training to meet the bioinformatics demands of modern interdisciplinary bioscience research in industry, research institutes and universities.

April 25, 2004 - Bioinformatics: Managing Scientific Data

Focuses on data management and data integration as it applies to genomics and microbiology. Identifies specific issues, presents existing solutions from academia and industry, and provides a framework in which to compare these systems. For life scientists and computer scientists.

April 25, 2004 - Bioinformatics Computing

The field of bioinformatics is growing at an unprecedented rate, as molecular biologists discover the extraordinary range of computational techniques and applications that apply directly to their work. This text provides a comprehensive guide to the subject. It is the complete, practical guide to bioinformatics for molecular biologists and life scientists

April 25, 2004 - www.bioinformatics.org

The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc. (Bioinformatics.Org) was founded to facilitate world-wide communications and collaborations between practicing and neophyte bioinformatic scientists and technicians.

April 23, 2004 - Nexxis Information Integration System: A New Breed of Electronic Laboratory Notebook

The Nexxis Information Integration System is a powerful new breed of ELN that meets laboratory requirements in a way that is unmatched by any other solution.

April 17, 2004 - Harnessing Internet and Intranet Technology for Analytical Laboratories

The incorporation of Internet/Intranet technology into analytical laboratories provides cost-effective, powerful solutions for operational needs and customer requirements.

April 12, 2004 - Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory

This book highlights all aspects of laboratory informatics, with a focus on information management and the corresponding hardware and technical processes involved.

April 12, 2004 - Principles of Laboratory Management: A Study Guide and Workbook

This guide provides a complete overview of the most common clinical laboratory management topics.